Switchtec - The #1 Solar Energy & Battery installation service provider based in New South Wales, Australia – We are a NABCEP certified, Class A solar installation contractor. We offer better service than our national chain competitors because we are part of our local community, and we would rather treat you like a neighbor than a number.

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At Switchtec, we prioritise quality with in-house installations. Unlike others, we never outsource contractors. Our skilled team, committed to excellence, handles every aspect of your solar project. This hands-on approach guarantees precision, reliability, and a superior solar experience. Choose us for in-house excellence and a brighter, sustainable future.

Our Services

Switchtec has an established reputation for stellar client service within the renewable energy sector.

Our photovoltaic systems are custom designed and built by professional accredited team members based on the parameters of your home and follow the strictest standards for quality in the business.


Switchtec will only install the highest quality Solar PV Panels at your home while offering some of the best guarantees in the industry. 



Solar is right for any business. There is a wide range of commercial solar options. Let us custom build a system to fit your company’s needs.

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Battery Installations

Whether you’re looking to store excess energy generated by your solar panels or have a backup power source during blackouts, installing a solar battery can be a smart investment.

Aged Care Facilities

Switchtec will only install the highest quality Solar PV Panels at your home while offering some of the best guarantees in the industry. 

Child Care Facilities

We understand the importance of a sustainable and safe environment for young ones. Our solar systems contribute to a cleaner planet for generations to come.

Recent Projects

Bakery 1

16 KW

Bakery 2

16 KW

Leight Place

130 KW

Mount Annan

5 KW

St Helens

14 KW

Oran Park

24 KW

Gregory Hills

23 KW

Installation Process

Installation Process


Scaffolding Set Up

Firstly, you have to erect scaffolding to ensure safety during the whole installation process when being on the roof.


Install Mounting Kit

Then, the solar panel mounting system has to be set up. This will support the base of the solar panels. The whole mounting structure must be tilted and have an angle between 18 to 36 degrees to have maximum sunlight exposure.


Wiring Installation

The next step in the installation process is to install the electrical wiring. In most cases, MC4 connectors are used because they are suited for all types of solar panels.


Install Solar Panels

When the mounts are set up, the solar panel itself has to be installed on the mounting structure.


Solar Inverter Installation

After that, the solar inverter must be connected to the system. It is typically installed near the main panel and it could be both indoors and outdoors. Inverters are more efficient if kept in a cooler place.

If the inverter is outdoors, it should be kept out from the afternoon sun. If it is installed indoors, the garage or utility room are usually the best places, since they stay cool for most of the year and have ventilation.


Bond The Inverter and Solar Battery

Thereafter, the solar inverter has to be connected to the solar battery. The solar battery storage can save you from worrying about the lack of usable energy during cloudy times, it can also lower the solar panel battery costs during installation.


Consumer Unit Connection

The inverter should be connected to the consumer unit to generate electricity. A generation meter should also be connected to monitor the amount of electricity the solar panels actually produce. You can use your computer or other device to check your solar system’s performance. For example, you can check how much electricity you generate at different times and decide what time is suitable for using your washing machine or other utilities.


Start & Testing

The final step is to switch the power on and test the newly installed solar panel system. After that, the solar panel installation process is completed.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

Does your property have solar panels installed? It’s important that your solar panels are working correctly and at maximum efficiency, therefore we’d recommend an annual solar power system maintenance check with our specialist team. 


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