Saver packs

Saver Packs are the most popular choice among the domestic range. With the current government incentive choosing a saver pack package is so affordable after we minus the incentive off the finale price of your system. 

Excellent efficiencies of up to 97.6%  on the saver pack inverters!  Particularly effective during low light level conditions. Easy to monitor, so you can continue to see the savings day in day out

Some advantages of the solar panels used in this pack are they are tier 1 solar panels with some of them boasting 12-year product warranty, a 25-year performance warranty and a positive power tolerance of 0/+5%. They offer up to 18.4% efficiency. Certified for corrosion-resistance, they are highly suitable for installation around coastal areas.

Saver Plus Packs

The Saver Pack Plus is our preferred choice of package in the range for domestic use!

We most commonly sell the Sungrow range in this package as it’s safe to say they’ve more than earned being one of the best-known names in solar.  Sungrow is great choice for those choosing a well trusted, cost-effective inverter for solar and energy storage system. With  10 year warranty now standard on most next-generation Sungrow inverters this gives more reason for us to choose this as our preferred inverter!!

Our preffered choice of solar panel in this pack has to be the LONGi panels. Just like in the commercial range LONGi Solar Panels are a excellent well trusted alternative for a home owner looking for an affordable mid-range panel from a company with an great reputation. Longi Panels are very efficient compared to some panels on the market today.


Premium Packs

Premium packs are a massive advantage for home owners especially houses suffering from shading. 

Premium String inverters come with longer warranties, built from more durable long lasting materials, high input currents, fan-forced active cooling system and plenty more advantages!! 

Micro Inverters are a huge choice in the premium pack. If your house suffers from severe shading or you want panels on multiple directions on your roof the micro inverter is the more suited option for you! The ability for each panel to work individually using micro-inverters, allows for greater energy production and efficiency – especially when only a few panels are in the shade. Because of this micro-inverters are our choice on most homes surrounded by trees.

Premium panels! Premium panels are more efficient, more durable and they are made from far better quality materials and will degrade less than any other panels over time.

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