Saver Packs

Saver Packs are great if you’re not looking to spend as much but still want to add the advantage of solar to your buisness! 

Based on a wider range of models, these inverters are capable of producing an efficiency level from 97.5% to 98.3%, which is still Excellent. With an easy to use app you can keep track of your savings in the palm of your hand. IP65 rated for withstanding any weather thrown its way.

One of the panels in the saver pack that we use is Suntech. Suntech went from strength to strength really quickly and by 2011 they were the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world shipping 2.4GWs of solar panel globally.

Suntech rely on manufacturing large volumes of lower priced panels – they are not looking to be the best. This is reflected in the price as Suntech offer one of the most fairly Priced solar panels on the market today. 

Saver Plus Packs

We’ve created the saver pack plus for companies looking to add the benefits of solar and not wanting the lower stick of the market. Below are some advantages of the inverters we use in this package.

  • Light weight.
  • Low noise.
  • ~97.4% efficiency.
  • Transformer-less design.
  • Dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).
  • IP 65 protection – protected from total dust ingress and low pressure water jets.

LONGi Solar Panels are a excellent well trusted alternative for a business looking for an affordable mid-range panel from a company with an great reputation. Longi Panels are very efficient compared to some panels on the market today.

Premium Packs

Premium Commercial Packs are a huge advantage for your business!

The high-efficiency of the more expensive range of inverters prevents energy loss and operates at a greater performance level. This helps to maximize your solar energy consumption and save money when it comes to energy costs.

Over time, the savings of a wise investment will outweigh the upfront expense of buying a quality solar inverter.

Premium panels! Premium panels are more efficient, more durable and they are made from far better quality materials and will degrade less than any other panels over time.

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